Saturday, November 21, 2009

Petoskey, Michigan and Cephalopod day in Fish and Seafood

Cephalopods yuck! that was one weird day in fish and seafood. Did you know that even when octopus are dead their suction cups still work little. The octopus stuck to my friends hand while he tried to cut it up. I was not a fan and touched it as little as possible but yet it was fascinating as well as creepy. The octopus was all spread out on the cutting board and then we poached it for a little while and it shrunk up like cheap cotton in a dryer it was weird!

Last weekend a group from school went on a trip to Petoskey, Michigan a small town way up north in MI. It was a really cute place. We went and visited some farms and some other really cool places, We ate bison and home grown veggies. And we had an all around good time :) Our hotel was right on the bay so we had a really great view, one weird thing is that the hotel used real keys for the rooms i had not seen that before (shows how young i am i guess :P) One farm had a sling shot used to fling un wanted produce out into a field to feed their sheep it was for little kids so what did we do as a bunch of college students? Yep we bought some produce to fling at the sheep! i mean to feed the sheep :) We went to a wine tasting at a casino which was weird for me since i am under aged (don't worry i did not drink anything, except for the diet pepsi in a wine glass) On one of our evening walks we found a cannon in a park and decided to see how many people we could get sitting on top of it that thing was freezing cold but it was fun! One day when we visited one of the farms it was so cold that Ahsley and i shared my pair of mittens cuz she did not have any and we walked around with our arms linked to keep our other hands warm :) So that was pretty much my weekend and i had a really fun time so i wanted to tell you about it, enjoy the pictures.... (ps the 2 meals are Bison Tostados and and Bison/Venison with Root Veggies and Wild Rice)


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