Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emotions end in poetry

Recently I have had friends and acquaintances that have been having relationship trouble. People get angry, argue, and fight and unfortunately some people let that get the best of them and just avoid the problem. With this in mind I started thinking about my husband and how I would want any arguments we have to play out. I am in no way delusional enough to think that if I am with "the one" we will never argue or fight but I do know that if we communicate it won't have to be World War 3. I want him to remember that no matter how frustrated or upset we get with each other I want him to wrap his arms around me and kiss me good night at the close of ever day never "letting the sun go down on our anger" With this thought in my head I ended up writing this poem. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my heart :)

Kiss Me Anyway
(by Elizabeth Crepinsek)

Kiss me good night
At the close of every day,
So even when we argue
I know we'll be okay.
Kiss me good night,
Can you see it in my eyes?
I wanna say I'm sorry
For the part I played today.
We're angry and we're sullen,
But we cannot stay that way.
Kiss me good night
And when we'd like to walk away
Remember what we promised
On that precious day
You promised you would love me
I promised to obey
Then we promised for forever
In a special way
I'm married to you darling
And I will always say:
Even when we argue
Kiss me anyway.
I never want to shout,
Or have a yelling match.
Especially, since hearts are made of such thin glass.
I know your weakest points
And you know all of mine.
But love means we won't use them
To get ahead this time.
In the drowsy, dreary twilight
Of a long and trying day.
I want you to remember,
Despite the words we say
That I'll love you forever
Kiss me every day.


I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.