Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chocolate Covered Tears (original work)

I have been reading an amazingly convicting and encouraging book called Made to Crave and I have been working on evaluating why I crave things and why I eat things. Over the past two months of my journey I have dealt with a lot of craving filled days and this is a poem I was inspired with. It doesn't necessarily ryme or anything but I hope if speaks to someone and lets you take a glimpse into the struggles of my heart.

Chocolate Covered Tears
The mumblings and the whispers that dart around my mind.
 Should not be those of decadence, deliciousness, or shine.
 Those seductive phrases that rise from the cellar or the fridge,
 Are lies that give pleasure for only a quick phase.
 The ice cream or the cheesecake will not the craving sate.
 That bag of chips or crackers does not contentment make.
 Your heart may be what's empty so don't go look to food.
 That simple taste of pleasure is like that fateful bite,
 Of Eve's forbidden fruit that flooded her with night.
 It didn't give her blessings or years of great delight.
 It only produced bitterness, anger, guilt, and fright.
 So when those whispered cravings seduce your inmost thoughts,
 Call out to your Creator who give you strength to fight.
 Even if the yearning bring you close to tears,
 Remember He is with you through your stormy years.
 So when you are discouraged or you are to tired to fight.
 Remember He won't give you more then you can take.
 His power even conquers those craving you can't break.


I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.