Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So tonight at Church I was praising God and looking back at all the lonely moments in my Christian walk where I felt alone and then out of the blue God would bring a Christian brother or sister "out of hiding" and show me that His children are everywhere and when we cross paths we can encourage each other greatly. So this poem is to thank God for my Christian friends from high-school, a Christian friend he brought into my life while at Ivy Tech who encouraged me in ways that He doesn't even know about, and about my new friends in the Bible study God has brought into my life just when I felt totally alone! Enjoy :)

I stumble down the dim lit trail pressing towards a distant light.
A sputtering candle in my hand to see the pathway by.
I squinted at the darkness and I felt it closing in
The candle in my hand flickered once again
I recollect a happy time when that flicker was a flame.
When every day a sabbath regardless of the rain.
My friends all stood around me our candles like the sun.
We walk along together and sometimes even run.
But one by one we ventured out to different schools
Our solitary candles sparkling like jewels.
Over time my flame, it faded
I felt deep darkness pressing down.
I heard whispers from the shadows asking: "Who needs candles now?"
My mind recalled a moment my flame had almost died
When almost right beside me another candle came.
He walked along beside me and we fanned each others flames.
Our candles lit the pathway and our walking there together
Helped us both sustain our precious, lovely flame.
My thoughts jerked back to my present when I tripped and fell.
I knelt oppressed by shadows in a darkening dell
My tears caressed the dusty trail as anguish filled my soul
How could I let this flame go out? For now it Barley glowed.
Amid my deepening sorrow I cried out for His help.
Dear God please send me someone, I can't go on alone.
Before my whispers even formed to words
Someone tapped me on the shoulder and reached out a helping hand.
The candle in his other burned cherry on it's stand.
He told me if I walked with him some others we would meet.
I took his hand quite quickly and my heart began to beat.
We walked a couple paces and he rapped upon a door,
Which just an instant later flew open with a slam!
The candlelight inside the room felt blinding to my eyes
While the smiling and the joy were soothing to my soul.
My own heart started soaring as the moments ticked on by
This place of sweet communion to quench my dry and dusty heart.
The fading spark of candle that had nearly died was sputtering and glowing till it steadied and revived.
Surrounded by the warmth and glow of companions with like mind
I knew my journey would be sweetened by this fellowship tonight.
Together we are stronger, More able now to fight!
So now walking on this footpath the way is clearly lit
Shoulders there to lean on, hands to aid you when you slip.
The journey is quite lightened and the way seems far less rough.
God knows we need our comrades when we're in dire straights
So look just o'er your shoulder or just around the bend.
He'll bring you strong companions until your journeys end.
For then we'll no more travel, we'll all be dressed in white
No tears no wretched trials, only brilliant light
Forever with our Savior and our Holy God.
Drenched in His peaceful presence and at His bosom ever rest!


I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.