Saturday, August 22, 2009

" Summer has come and gone..."

My summer has passed so fast and the fall semester is upon me. September is just around the corner! Last week I was able to hang out and go shopping with a friend. We tried on clothes that we would never buy or wear and shoes that would probably kill us if we tried to walk in them but it was really fun :) Then I took the train to Chicago and stayed with my aunt for a week. We hung out watched movies and went shopping. One day we went to the movies and saw Julie and Julia I REALLY liked it!!!!! It made me want to cook something and maybe even attempt what Julie did... hm maybe someday when I am married I will cook through a cookbook who knows :) I had a lot of fun with her and got a chance to see some cousins too. I came home and ordered my textbooks from my new favorite site www. where I can rent textbooks for a portion of the bookstore price and save lots of $ , which I love to do! Last night I went with a friend to a football game. I still do not understand football but maybe someday I will find someone to explain it to me and then I will understand. It was fun to hang out with her at the game and to watch Persuasion with her beforehand. I took a walk with Mr. Darcy in the form of Pride and Prejudice and I think that is really the only summer reading I will be getting in. I have one last day of freedom before school starts so talk to you later...


I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.