Thursday, July 3, 2008

The bombs busting in air...

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, a holiday celebrated with beautiful fireworks and lots of food. But what do those lovely, bright, and even dazzeling lights in the sky represent? What do our soldiers think of and feel when they hear the explosions and see the bright flashes? Is is fun? or does it call up haunting memories and maybe even fears? I have know idea what the men and women who fought, and currently fight for our freedoms in this country have dealt with and seen nor do I think that I would be able to stand it if I did. My heart aches for them for what they have been though. I cannot make that fact of war go way, but I can remind others of what tomorrow means. The 4th of July is a wonderful celebration of the freedoms we have in the USA, but don't let it be just another day that you don't have to work or study for school. Remember what freedom cost (a lot) and that all those lovely fireworks are pictures to remind us of the bombs and the sounds of the battles that were, and are being, fought to keep this nation free. And tell those who have been through the real battles that you are thankful and you support them. God bless our soldiers.

image found on goggle :) not taken by me

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