Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wow... 2009

This year has gone really fast, the summer flew buy and now so has the fall semester. Christmas was great. We did our presents on the 24th and then on the 25th my mother and I cooked dinner for our family and our pastor and his wife came over. The dinner was great if i do say so myself and I also made a beautiful cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Then a few days later I became a no-longer-teenage-adult. I am officially 20! My birthday was great. During the morning mom, Anton, and I went shopping. We found some great sales and I bought a nice shirt. Then we went to the mall and I got my ears pierced, painful but should prove fun later on, thanks for the cash for the G-ma :) After our full day of shopping we went home and had dinner and watched the movie Mansfield Park. Anton's friend ashley was here and so was Karrissa, I had a great evening. Now I am just trying to enjoy the rest of my break before I start school again on the 12th. So far I am totally enjoying it! Love you and talk to you later :)

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NotSuchACityGirl said...

not necessary the right order but all from Christmas and Birthday :)


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