Monday, February 2, 2009

So far so good...

Well I made it thorough the first few weeks of school. So far classes have gone well. My classes are not at the best times. I have Breakfast and Pantry at night (ironic hu?) and then on Wed night I have a class at night as well. I am going non-stop Tuesday through Thursday and then I have Fridays and Mondays "off" for hw and anything else. I am enjoying classes a lot. Not a huge fan of math though (sorry dad) I am doing well with my recipes and in class so I am glad about that. One day we made cheese which was fun, the professor said that I had made the best one he had ever seen including the one he had made before :D I also got to work with phyllo dough which I found fun, contrary to what everyone says. Still cold and snowy here in the midwest just for your information. Well I have to get to dinner and finish up some hw so talk to you all later :)

ps here are some pics from class: friends and food :)


gordon said...

We are loving the pictures, the one of you and racheal got a big ahhhhh from debi. Would it be ok if i took that picture and put it on my computer screen saver (i have a bunch of pictures of friends and family that scroll through on my screen saver) and some of the ones of your family? Got my big run coming up in 3 weeks, i should be ready and looking forward to it. Debi's happy as always, couple of her "girls" are getting married in a couple months, so she's in mom mode, calling and checking in every 3 min.

NotSuchACityGirl said...

It would be fine :) So how long is your run again? ... I love weddings :) that should be so fun for her. Love you and miss you

gordon said...

it's a 50k in mountain view, on the sylamore creek trail, they have a web site,i finished in 7hrs and 46min last year. thanks for the pictures.


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