Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Picture (an original work)

The world points one way
My conscience another,
It says if you go there you know you'll just suffer.
His dark face it beckons
In his hand their appears
A picture so perfect it brings me to tears.
I reach towards the picture,
It flickers and falls
It only resembles the joy it involves.
I look o're my shoulder,
And there behind me;
Just one step away
A face full of light as bright as the day.
He smiles through tears and says just one thing.
"Beloved just trust me and it will transpire."
All of my heart yearns with desire,
To step towards the One who makes it all right,
The One standing there just inside of the light.
I turn only slightly,
And my ears are assailed,
By whispers of darkness the promises paled.
Those whispers they tell me: " Why wait for His time,
When all I must do is surrender the line."
Just give him my treasure, beyond all compare
And he'll hand me the picture he is holding just there.
That picture that holds all I desire.
But will it be worth it when I'm covered in mire.
Worth that one treasure He told me to hold.
The one thing He said was to wait and be bold.
The prodding continued:
"Don't think only act
I'll give you your wish for your purity pact.
Surrender that one thing and joy will be yours
You'll never be lonely you'll finely be whole."
The offer was tempting but I knew deep inside,
That if I surrendered then I might as well die.
The grief and the pain would be too much to bear
My life would be dragged to the pit of despair.
I turned towards the Lord with crying and tears.
"Help me dear Jesus to squelch all these fears!"
I reached towards my father, my brother, my friend.
The darkness was closing around me again.
As soon as my cry reached the tip of my tongue,
The whispers were vanquished the battle was won.
The Lord clasped me close to His chest.
And in that sweet instant I was at rest.
The nightmares, the darkness, the despair was all through.
"Remind me right now my strength is all you!"
"Beloved remember and never forget,
I'll always be faithful in every respect."
He reached out his hand and there in his palm
A picture more perfect then the phantom's before.
A picture completely worth waiting for.
"My princess I know this is what you desire
But do not surrender for muck and for mire.
The treasure you have, hold it so tight
And only surrender to my perfect knight.
I'll bring him to you and I promise you this,
You'll have one lovely picture you won't want to miss."

(Picture is from a friend's blog and of her family)

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I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.