Sunday, July 25, 2010

PBJ's must be considered the food of Missionaries

There they are everyday preaty much in fact we are having them for lunch this afternoon. So far they have been an option for almost every breakfast and are served to us at every lunch time while we are working. I guess cuz it is fast and simple and it won't spoil but what I really want is a PIZZA or some Mac and Cheese or something but not PBJ right now..... Anyway as you can tell Haiti food it getting to me along with those lovely PBJ's there is a ton and I mean a TON of rice. Rice with red beans, rice with red juice, rice with bean juice, and rice with chicken, and rice rice rice. It has been a little difficult but I a ok with it. If I am hungry I will eat but the main problem is I am not really that hungry due to the heat cuz as you might guess it is majorly HOT here. The sun beats down with quite an intensity. We have done a ton of things and the trip has gone really smoothly. I caved on internest acess about 3 days into the trip but I din't start blogging till today (2 days away from the end of the trip)

It has been crazy. Thankfully our group has pretty much avoided sickness (Todd got a sore throat and Brendon seemed to have an allergic reaaction to somthing) but we all are fairly healthy compared to some of the other groups. The heat and the intensity of the sun are getting to me and making me quite tired today but thankfully we don't have a ton to do since it is Sunday.

Our Home for Hope house is up and painted and ready to be dedicated tomorrow which is really exciting! I'll write more about that a soon as I get home and then I'll be able to post pictures too so. Ttyl

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