Thursday, October 6, 2011

♪♬Be still my soul♪♬

So, here I am again wondering what is going to be happening in the next chapter of my life. It has been almost a year since I graduated from college and I am now holding my own in two jobs, both of which are in the restaurant industry. Monday-Thursday I am a chef and Friday- Sunday I am a waitress. It is sort of a dual personality I suppose. But God sort of handed me both jobs so I am there for a reason. As I wade through the business of these dual lives, and try not to fall asleep in church, I wonder what I am supposed to be doing next. In my "great" plan for my life I would have been married and living life by the side of a man I have been praying and waiting for since I was 16. Obviously God had other plans. Anyway, due to the crazy work schedule I don't have much of a social life but I do have time to think. I think while I drive, while I do prep work, while I roll silverware, and while I attempt to drift off to sleep after a late night at work. People so often seem to skip right over thinking. They drowned out any silence with music or with ceaseless (and often pointless) chatter. Don't you every just want to take a walk and think. Contemplate, breath deep, and maybe even just listen to the silence. One of the most moving and beautiful stillnesses I ever beheld was after a long afternoon at work when I parked near some woods and walked into the deep snowdrifts and just listened to the snowflakes fall as the silence enveloped me. So after much thought I would challenge you to just go out into a solitary place (without electronics) and just stand and think in the silence. Who knows maybe God will give you that gentle nudge of guidance you have been praying for but have been too busy to hear... Just something to think about... :)

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I heard once that loneliness is God calling to your heart and telling you to turn to him.