Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chicago and using Dad's camera...

So, this past semester went really well. I studied hard and it paid off. I got all A's!!!!!!!!!! In one of my classes I was top of the class and was picked to go to the NRA Food-show. It was really fun and interesting too.
I was then able to go visit some friends and it was even more fun. I went on my first beach trip of the summer and it was wonderful. I had a great time walking with the sand between my toes and playing with the kids and soaking up the sun.
lat week I also used my dad's camera to take a ton of pictures of flowers and other things that i love and i just wanted to share some of the pics with you.


gordon said...

very impressive pictures, did anton do his apple and knife trick at your dinner?

Anonymous said...

No he didn't actually I think he would have been afraid of getting something on his white tux :)



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