Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Wake me up when September ends... which is in a couple days"

Well September has literally flown by. I have been crazy busy. School is going okay I am really not a fan of fish and seafood, cutting up fish is not a great pastime in my opinion :P I love baking science it is really fun and very interesting :D Lots and lots of hw but hey that is a side effect of school right? I just started working as a hostess/waitress at The Skillet in downtown south bend and I am really enjoying it. It my kind of job fast paced with a smile required. Also waitressing is like playing memory (which I am good at) this face matches this drink... So that is me right now hope you enjoy these pics that I have been taking at school.

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gordon said...

i just looked at those pictures right before we were going to that looked good. Do you marinate the tuna? The leaves are getting ready to turn at the sylamore, hopefully we will get to go back up there. All is well here


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