Thursday, October 4, 2007

Military Friends

I have a bunch of friends in the military and I would ask that you pray for them just like me. There names are: Nathanael, JT, Nick, Tim, Brent, Steven, Jake, and Alex. Here are pics of just a few of them. Steven(my cousin) is currently in Iraq, he should come back by the first week in November. JT and Nick are almot done with the basic training in the Marines, they will be home for a week starting on the 13th of October . Brent is currently at Navy bootcamp, and seems to be doing well. Nathanael just finished basic and is off to specialty training, his first break is over Christmas and he is very excited about seeing his family. All of the guys seem to be very excited about coming home to see their familys whenever that my be.


Yogi said...

Hey Elizabeth...maybe you could post the updates from J.T's dad! He graduates next week out in CA. Brent called his mom yesterday: they had a brief, but touching conversation. They are all becoming men; men dedicated to serving both their Lord and their country...for His glory!

Adrienne said...

i hope to see some of the guys at j.t.'s graduation this week!


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